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Watercolor by Virgil Harton

Watercolor by Virgil HartonWatercolor by Virgil Harton
With his usual generosity of spirit and support for passionate projects, our friend and patron, Virgil Harton, has produced a new watercolor of Mt. Shasta Lavender Farms. We are privileged to introduce you to Virgil and to offer you a print of this particularly vibrant piece.

A resident of McCloud, California, Virgil grew up in Texas. Even as a child, he was inspired by crayons, paints, beauty, and detail. He was one of the blessed, who always knew his calling. He recalls that as a small boy he liked to "color within the lines" and adheres to that principle even today. He says, however, "Something interesting has to happen within those lines." He also subscribes to the notion that less is more: "If in doubt, leave it out."

Virgil worked as an architect for a number of years for Skidmore, Owings, and Merrill and later for the Bechtel Corporation out of San Francisco. He began to feel "boxed in" by schedules and the necessity to travel to fulfill someone else's agenda. He decided to "retire" and paint in earnest. He fell in love with the architecture and "feel" of McCloud, CA and is much loved and respected in that community. His work has hung in many local galleries, as well as galleries in Sonoma.

Always a gentleman, he is also a fabulous cook and wonderful host.

Virgil has traveled the world--including the American Southwest, Mexico, and Europe--garnering subject matter and compositions that speak to his own soul.

His paintings adorn the Breakers Hotel in Palm Beach, Florida; his originals are in the Presidential Suite. He is in many private collections.

Virgil's impressionistic print of our farm is on watercolor paper and really does convey the intensity of the summer bloom, the July heat, and the imposing mountain backdrop.

Watercolor Note Card by Virgil Harton