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Lemurian Lavender Black Tea
Lemurian Lavender Black Tea
Lemurian Lavender Black Tea
Item#: lemurian-lavender-black-tea
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Product Description
Eons ago on the legendary continent of Lemuria, professional dreamers in crystal towers brought into reality the wishes and desires of others. It is rumored that when this land of promise and enchantment sank into the Pacific some of its inhabitants made their way to Mt. Shasta. Some believe their descendants still reside there. Perhaps they'll join us for tea and inspiration.

Premium OP, High Grown, Black Tea and Mt. Shasta Lavender Farm's Lavender (Angustifolia)

Brew an exceptional cup of fragrance and relaxation. How can something be bracing and calming at the same time............? Try it!

100 grams of tea and lavender.