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Culinary Lavender
Culinary Lavender
Culinary Lavender
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Product Description
Culinary Lavender: The Queen of it all! We selected Lavandula Angustifolia as our favorite for culinary purposes. Farm grown, hand cut with sickles, dried in the light breezes of Mt. Shasta, stripped, cleaned and packaged at the farm. Very fresh and very versatile. Use it in baking or infuse it into milks and creams for lavender Crème brûlée or lavender whipped cream (on pumpkin pie). To make the lavender whipped cream: heat the cream (without scalding) put in your lavender and let it steep off of the burner, strain, cool, and whip. Worth it!

Our now famous recipe for lavender lemonade is included along with many other recipes for cooking with lavender. The champagne lavender cream sauce—created by the owner—is a stunner and well worth the trouble. .5 oz.